About ASM

The American Society of Mammalogists (ASM) was established in 1919 for the purpose of promoting interest in the study of mammals.

ASM Mission Statement

The mission of the American Society of Mammalogists is to advance the scientific understanding of mammals globally, to diversify the profession of mammalogy, and to promote science as the basis for the conservation and management of mammals. The Society achieves these goals through publications, grants and fellowships, annual meetings, and other education and outreach activities.

An Overview

In addition to being among the most charismatic of animals, mammals are important in many disciplines from paleontology to ecology and evolution. We, of course, are mammals and thus are in the interesting position of studying ourselves in quest of a greater understanding of the role of mammals in the natural world.

The ASM is currently composed of around 2,500 members, many of whom are professional scientists. Members of the Society have always had a strong interest in the public good, and this is reflected in their involvement in providing information for public policy, resources management, conservation, and education.

The Society hosts annual meetings and maintains several publications. The flagship publication is the Journal of Mammalogy, a journal produced six times per year that accepts submissions on all aspects of mammalogy. The ASM also publishes Mammalian Species (accounts of individual species), and Special Publications, books that pertain to specific taxa or topics, and we maintain a mammal images library which contains many exceptional photographs of mammals.

We encourage you to peruse this web site for information about mammals and the American Society of Mammalogists. Check out our interesting history by clicking on Our History tab on the Archives Committee page.  We hope it will stimulate your interest in mammals and further your appreciation of their importance.

ASM Business Office

The ASM has a separate website for its business office here. The business office provides access to the membership directory and opportunities to join and renew your membership. Members can access to the Journal of Mammalogy and Mammalian Species through the Business Office.

ASM Leadership

ASM is led by a group of scientists who are elected by the membership. See here for the current roster of ASM leaders.

ASM Committees

Much of the work that ASM does is accomplished through a large number of volunteer committees. These committees work to further the aims of the Society and the science of mammalogy as a whole. Take a look for complete information on the ASM Committees.

ASM Endorses Human Diversity

ASM is dedicated to ensuring the opportunity for active, equal participation in all ASM functions by all members, regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, age, physical disabilities, or sexual orientation. The full text of ASM’s Statement on Inclusion is available here.