The Wild Mammals of Montana

Publishing Information

Kerry R. Foresman, 2001. 278 pp. (ISBN-1-891276-26-3) 


  • Familiarize yourself with over 100 species -- Investigate the taxonomy, ecology, behavior, and reproductive patterns of mammals specific to the northwestern United States.
  • Bring nature to life on your day trips into National Parks and the field -- Identify the mammals around you with color photographs, descriptions of coloration and distinctive physical characteristics
  • Search out your mammals of interest -- Pinpoint the occurrence of each species by county using the detailed population distribution maps
  • Written for professionals and amateurs alike -- Enhance your professional field research or simply support your personal enthusiasm for the outdoors with this unique and valuable guidebook

Additional Information

After more than 17 years of teaching at the University of Montana and conducting field research throughout the state, Kerry Foresman is a recognized expert on the 108 mammalian species populating the region from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone National Park.

This publication is available from the author at University of Montana.

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