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ASM Grants & Awards

The American Society of Mammalogists (ASM) seeks to promote high quality research by its student members and has developed a number of mechanisms by which young scientists can establish and further develop their careers in mammalogy. The Grants-in-Aid of Research and the Latin American Student Research programs provide students (usually graduate students) with funding to conduct research in mammalogy at any stage of their research projects; students are eligible for more than one grant in successive years. The Latin American Student Field Research Award explicitly recognizes the historical and contemporary importance of field research in Latin America to ASM and the Society’s commitment to promoting field work by promising students from these countries.

To acknowledge the highest-caliber research projects completed by its student members (supported by Grants-In-Aid or any other funding sources), the ASM offers the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Honoraria Research Paper Awards. In addition to funds to support travel to the Annual Meeting, Graduate Honoraria awardees have the distinct honor of presenting their research as part of the opening Plenary Session of the Annual Meeting, along with recipients of other ASM awards. Finally, the Albert R. and Alma Shadle Award and the ASM Fellowship are designed to recognize contributions to the field of mammalogy, service to the society, and the potential to develop a productive career in mammalogy. By providing funding for student research (Grants-In-Aid of Research, Latin American Student Field Research Awards), recognizing the highest quality completed projects (Honoraria Research Papers), and honoring individuals that have made substantial contributions to mammalogy through their research and service (Shadle Award and the ASM Fellowship), the American Society of Mammalogists assists students throughout the early development of their careers. Submissions to these programs can be accomplished through

Graduate Student Honoraria Research Papers- Graduate student members of the society are encouraged to submit a summary of a research project for consideration by the Honoraria and Travel Awards Committee (detailed instructions below). The Anna M. Jackson, A. Brazier Howell, Elmer C. Birney, and Annie M. Alexander Awards are designed to recognize outstanding research projects completed by the Society's graduate student members and are among the Society's highest student honors. Award recipients will present their research to the Society at the Plenary Session of the Annual Meeting.

Travel Awards- Awards to defray the cost of attending the annual meeting are available to both students and early career (within 5 years of PhD) professionals. The number of awards per year will vary depending on available funds. Recipients must be presenting a paper or poster at the annual meeting, and selection is based on the quality and content of the submitted abstract. Procedures for requesting a travel award will be described each year in the abstract submission forms, and selection of recipients will be done by the Honoraria and Travel Awards Committee.

Information and applications for ASM's various grants and awards may be found on the following committee pages:

For the following grants and fellowships, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications online. Online submission will be open and accessible from this page on the dates listed below:

Graduate Student Honoraria - Jan 15 - Feb 15
Undergraduate Student Research Award - Jan 15 - Feb 15
Grants-in-Aid of Research - Feb 1 - March 1
ASM Fellowship in Mammalogy - March 15 - May 1
Shadle Fellowship - March 15 - May 1