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Terms of Use

The originals of images offered in this catalog were contributed to the Mammal Images Library with the understanding that the Mammal Images Library will sell copies only for optical projection for nonprofit instruction. However, some contributors will allow their slides to be used for other purposes; this permission is set forth in a written "Contribution Agreement" between the contributors and the Mammal Images Library. These additional permissible uses, and arrangements for royalties derived from additional uses, vary among the contributors. Persons or organizations wishing to use images for purposes other than projection for nonprofit instruction or copying the slide in any way must first contact the Chair of the Mammal Images Library to get information about the use of specific images. Failure to obtain the required permission jeopardizes the ability of the Mammal Images Library to operate its program. This program depends on the good will of contributors, the voluntary efforts by the MIL Committee, and the willingness of purchasers of images to abide by the wishes of the contributors.

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