2020 Patton Award - Giovanni Tolentino Ramos

Giovanni Tolentino Ramos is a master’s student at the University of Oklahoma. He is a Mexican biologist, who is interested in the effects of climate change on mammal populations over time. His research has led him to work in a variety of locations including Hawai‘i, Alaska, and Oklahoma. While working on his undergraduate degree he worked with the USDA National Wildlife Research Center in Hilo, Hawai‘i on a project focused on the foraging behaviors of Mus musculus. Giovanni is currently conducting his thesis research under the supervision of Dr. Hayley C. Lanier at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. His thesis focuses on the impacts of climate change on delicate ecosystems and how changes in landscape effect genetic variation and population dynamics. His work uses empirical studies and museumomics to delineate changes in gene flow and genetic variation in collared pika (Ochotona collaris) populations near Paxson, Alaska.