The latest issue of Journal of Mammalogy (Volume 98, Issue 4) is now available

The issue includes a special feature on Biodiversity and Conservation of Insular Caribbean Mammals, and two Editor's Choice articles, which are an analysis of subspecies in Microtus californicus and a description of a cryptic flying squirrel species, Glaucomys oregonensis


The Last Survivors: current status and conservation of the non-volant land mammals of the insular Caribbean

Samuel T Turvey; Rosalind J Kennerley; Jose M Nuñez-Miño; Richard P Young

The extinction of Xenothrix mcgregori, Jamaica’s last monkey

Siobhán B Cooke; Alexis M Mychajliw; John Southon; Ross D E MacPhee

Phylogeography of Dominican Republic bats and implications for systematic relationships in the Neotropics

Burton K Lim; Livia O Loureiro; Nathan S Upham; Jorge L Brocca

Caribbean Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae), with description of a new species from Trinidad and Tobago

Ricardo Moratelli; Don E Wilson; Roberto L M Novaes; Kristofer M Helgen; Eliécer E Gutiérrez


Genetic data reveal a cryptic species of New World flying squirrel: Glaucomys oregonensis

Brian S Arbogast; Katelyn I Schumacher; Nicholas J Kerhoulas; Allison L Bidlack; Joseph A Cook; G J Kenagy

Integration of morphological, ecological, and genetic evidence suggests that the genus Andinomys (Rodentia, Cricetidae) is monospecific

J Pablo Jayat; Guillermo D’Elía; Ricardo Torres; Silvia E Pacheco; Pablo E Ortiz; Jorge Salazar-Bravo; Bruce Patterson

Lions influence the decline and habitat shift of hartebeest in a semiarid savanna

Caroline C Ng’weno; Nelly J Maiyo; Abdullahi H Ali; Alfred K Kibungei; Jacob R Goheen

Spatiotemporal variation in African lion roaring in relation to a dominance shift

Steven M Gray; Robert A Montgomery; Joshua J Millspaugh; Matt W Hayward

Distribution and habitat models of the Eurasian otter, Lutra lutra, in South Korea

Yeong-Seok Jo; Chang-Man Won; Sarah R Fritts; Mark C Wallace; John T Baccus

Habitat selection and home-range use by resident and reintroduced giant anteaters in 2 South American wetlands

Yamil E Di Blanco; Arnaud L J Desbiez; Ignacio Jiménez-Pérez; Danilo Kluyber; Gabriel Favero Massocato; Mario S Di Bitetti

Habitat fragmentation effects on fine-scale movements and space use of an opossum in the Atlantic Forest

Ana Cláudia Delciellos; Suzy Emidio Ribeiro; Marcus Vinícius Vieira

Landscape genetics of a raccoon (Procyon lotor) metapopulation in an undeveloped coastal island system

Nancy D Moncrief; James H Roberts; Eric M Hallerman; Ronald A Van Den Bussche; John H Porter; Raymond D Dueser

Signatures of adaptive molecular evolution in American pikas (Ochotona princeps)

Andrew Michael Rankin; Kurt E Galbreath; Katherine C Teeter

Population dynamics of Dromiciops gliroides(Microbiotheriidae) in an austral temperate forest

Agustina Balazote Oliver; Guillermo Cesar Amico; Maria Daniela Rivarola; Juan Manuel Morales

Bark chewing reveals a nutrient limitation of leaves for a specialist folivore

Jessie Au; Kara Nicole Youngentob; Robert Graham Clark; Richard Phillips; William John Foley

Implications of a specialized diet for the foraging behavior of the Honduran white bat, Ectophylla alba (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)

David Villalobos-Chaves; Manuel Spínola-Parallada; Katrin Heer; Elisabeth K V Kalko; Bernal Rodríguez-Herrera

Play behavior and responses to novel situations in juvenile ground squirrels

Karen A Marks; Daniel L Vizconde; Emma S Gibson; Jennifer R Rodriguez; Scott Nunes


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