The latest issue of Journal of Mammalogy (Vol 98, Issue 5) is now available

The October 2017 Issue of Journal of Mammalogy is now available!
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Be sure to check out the Editor's Choice, by Erin Fraser, Darin Brooks, and Fred Longstaffe that describes silver-haired bat migratory movements

Stable isotope investigation of the migratory behavior of silver-haired bats (Lasionycteris noctivagans) in eastern North America 
E E Fraser ; D Brooks; F J Longstaffe

Day of year, temperature, wind, and precipitation predict timing of bat migration 
Joseph L Pettit; Joy M O’Keefe

Stressful summers? Torpor expression differs between high- and low-latitude populations of bats 
Zenon J Czenze; R. Mark Brigham; Anthony J. R Hickey; Stuart Parsons

Mismeasured mortality: correcting estimates of wolf poaching in the United States 
Adrian Treves; Kyle A Artelle ; Chris T Darimont; David R Parsons

Changes in circadian activity patterns of a wildlife community post high-intensity energy development 
Patrick E Lendrum ; Kevin R Crooks; George Wittemyer

Effects of prolonged immunocontraception on the breeding behavior of American bison 
Calvin L Duncan; Julie L King; Paul Stapp

Noninvasive measures of stress response in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) reveal an age-dependent stress response to immobilization 
Johannie M Spaan; Neville Pitts; Peter Buss; Brianna Beechler ; Vanessa O Ezenwa, Anna E. Jolles

Managed forest as habitat for gray brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira) in agricultural landscapes of southeastern Brazil 
Thiago Ferreira Rodrigues ; Roland Kays; Arielle Parsons; Natalia Fraguas Versiani; Roberta Montanheiro Paolino, Nielson Pasqualotto, Victor Gasperotto Krepschi, Adriano Garcia Chiarello  

A new species of big-eared climbing rat, genus Ototylomys (Cricetidae: Tylomyinae), from Chiapas, Mexico
Calvin A Porter; Nia E Beasley ; Nicté Ordóñez-Garza; Laramie L Lindsey; Duke S Rogers, Nicole Lewis-Rogers Jack W Sites, Jr., Robert D Bradley

Karyotypic and phylogeographic analyses of Cormura brevirostris (Chiroptera, Emballonuridae) 
Margaret Maria de Oliveira Corrêa; Daniela Dias; Hugo Mantilla-Meluk; Ana Lazar; Cibele Rodrigues Bonvicino

The generic status of Rattus annandalei (Bonhote, 1903) (Rodentia, Murinae) and its evolutionary implications 
Miguel Camacho-Sanchez; Jennifer A Leonard; Yuli Fitriana; Marie-Ka Tilak; Pierre-Henri Fabre

Ecological and phenotypic effects on survival and habitat transitions of white-footed mice 
Stacey L Hannebaum; Charles R Brown; Warren Booth

Mechanisms of population limitation in the southern red-backed vole in conifer forests of western North America: insights from a long-term study  
Thomas P Sullivan; Druscilla S Sullivan; Rudy Boonstra ; Charles J Krebs; Alan Vyse

Bayesian model-based age classification using small mammal body mass and capture dates 
Nathanael Lichti; Kenneth F Kellner; Timothy J Smyser; Scott A Johnson

Sexual dimorphism in long-beaked common dolphins (Delphinus capensis) from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 
Sibusisiwe G Ngqulana; G. J. Greg Hofmeyr; Stephanie Plön

Reproductive implications of bone mineral density in an armadillo, the pichi (Zaedyus pichiy
Esteban A Actis; Sergio Mosconi; Graciela A Jahn ; Mariella Superina

Do differences in skull morphology and bite performance explain dietary specialization in sea otters? 
Kristin M Campbell ; Sharlene E Santana

Individual reproductive strategies shape the mating system of tree sloths 
Mario F Garcés-Restrepo ; M Zachariah Peery; Brendan Reid; Jonathan N Pauli

Seasonal changes in social behavior and movements of bat-eared foxes in South Africa: disease implications 
Jan F Kamler; Susana Rostro-García; David W Macdonald

Characterizing biotic interactions within the Order Lagomorpha using Joint Species Distribution Models at 3 different spatial scales  
Katie Leach; W Ian Montgomery; Neil Reid

Increased foraging success or competitor avoidance? Diel activity of sympatric large carnivores 
Badru Mugerwa; Byron du Preez; Lucy A Tallents; Andrew J Loveridge; David W Macdonald

Populations and activity patterns of clouded leopards and marbled cats in Dampa Tiger Reserve, India 
Priya Singh; David W Macdonald

Effects of environmental factors and landscape features on movement patterns of Florida black bears 
Dana L Karelus; J. Walter McCown; Brian K Scheick; Madelon van de Kerk; Benjamin M Bolker, Madan K Oli

Home range use and survival of southern flying squirrels in fragmented forest landscapes 
Christopher N Jacques; James S Zweep ; Sean E Jenkins; Robert W Klaver

Genetic diversity of reintroduced American martens in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula 
Tamara L Hillman; Paul Keenlance; Jennifer A Moore; Bradley J Swanson; Joseph J Jacquot, Jill C Witt, Ari Cornman

Novel insights into the diet of the Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) using next-generation sequencing molecular analyses 
Marjorie Biffi, François Gillet, Pascal Laffaille, Fanny Colas, Stéphane Aulagnier, Frédéric Blanc, Maxime Galan, Marie-Laure Tiouchichine, Mélanie Némoz, Laëtitia Buisson, Johan R Michaux